Catacomb of St. Mustiola

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The Catacomb is called after the patron saint of the city and the diocese, who, according to the tradition, was buried in the middle of the III century AD. The early Christian cemetery is developed through 200 metres of underground galleries, where most of the burial recesses are located in arched shape niches (arcosolii) each one with two or three corpses covered by tiles.

The main entrance leads to a crypt that, still today, keeps the unaltered charm of the first Christian celebrations unaltered. The most interesting inscriptions are on the tombstones of the bishop Lucius Petronius Dexter, who died in 322, of the exorcist Sentius Respectus and of a child, Aurelius Melitius.

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Catacomb of St. Catherine 

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The early Christian cemetery takes its name from the small chapel dedicated to St. Catherine of the Wheels, which was located on the hill above. The Catacomb originally must have had two clearly distinguished underground branches which were part of a larger necropolis area containing both Christian and pagan burial sites. Inside the Catacomb, it is possible to admire a lovely urn of travertine decorated with Roman fasces and the figure of a magistrate. Two columns with Corinthian capitals are placed at the sides of the altar, behind which the tunnels begin.

catacomba s. caterina

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  1. Ho visitato le catacombe di Santa Mustiola molti anni fa, in occasione di un mio soggiorno a Chiusi, città che, con i dintorni, è ricchissima di cose molto interessanti, a cominciare dal Museo. Per quanto riguarda le catacombe, ho visto con piacere queste foto che me le hanno raffigurate più belle e sicuramente più valorizzate di quanto non ricordassi. Non posso che ringraziare di cuore….


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