Cathedral and other Churches

The Cathedral of St. Secondiano


Built by the bishop Florentinus in the middle of the VI century A.D., it is one of the oldest in Tuscany. Despite several refurbishments during the centuries, it maintains its original structure, typical of a paleo-Christian basilica. The two colonnades have been made with 18 Roman columns, each one different from the other, with Ionic and Corinthian capitals on top. The central nave and the apse were painted, imitating the mosaic visual effect, by Arturo Viligiardi from Siena at the end of the XIX century; he was inspired by the mosaic of Ravenna and Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

cattedrale 2

Noteworthy are the imposing Baptismal Font with the statue of St. John the Baptist, ascribed to Andrea Sansovino, the long Lombard inscriptions on both sides of the central door and, inside the chapel of the Holy Sacrament, the Nativity by Bernardino Fungai. The old original mosaic pavement belonging to the ancient previous basilica has been placed in the presbytery. cattedrale

The Cathedral holds the body of St. Mustiola, Virgin and Martyr, patron of Chiusi and of the Diocese (Patronal festival the 3rd of July).

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