The Town Museum – “The Underground City”

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The exhibition begins with “The Labyrinth” section where the complex underground system of Chiusi is fully explained: from its history to the archaeological research, from its geology to the myth of Porsenna. The guided tour continues through “The Epigraphic” section, completely displayed all along more than 140 meters of underground  tunnels. This section, with its collection of almost 300 urns and 200 grave tiles with inscriptions, represents a unique exhibition in Italy concerning the Etruscan funerary epigraphy. Chiusi, among the ancient cities, is the one that left the highest number of inscriptions belonging to the period between the III and I century B.C.: even more than Rome and Athens.


The tour ends with a visit at the famous underground lake where, as the speleologist who discovered the lake said, “The time, beaten by the trickle, seems to come to a halt, while, above, the everyday frantic life keeps going on.”


Via II Cimina, 2 – 53043 Chiusi, Italy
Tel. 0039 0578 20915
Cellulare: 0039 334 6266856

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